Early Advantage Daycare
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An early education preschool designed to help give your child an academic advantage.

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Early Advantage is a preschool that builds a foundation for academic success.

Our advantage is rooted in the 4 core components of 21st century education: Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Communication.








Early Advantage is a year round preschool. Our standard hours are 7 AM - 6 PM Monday-Friday. We plan to open in Summer 2024.

Our facilities are under construction in Cave Springs, Arkansas on East Lowell Avenue just east of The Pack Shack.


Selected for their expertise and passion for educating children, our teachers and staff are top notch. While we love singing their praises, nothing takes the place of a tour and we highly encourage you to see for yourself. Tours will become available as construction nears completion.

Our focus is on creating an environment that engages our students in hands on learning and encourage an academic advantage.

Our daily schedules are unique to each classroom and the age of the students to provide free time exploration and structured play opportunities.

We strive to keep our teacher to student ratio at ideal limits to allow for more customized learning times with our students.

Our curriculum covers early reading and writing, nature studies, music, and hands on experience.

Our teachers help facilitate friendships within the classroom to help students socialize and learn age appropriate sharing and play skills.


Our academic focused preschool is here to serve you and your family.

We welcome any and all questions.

What curriculum and method of teaching do you follow?

Collaborate and Grow
Our curriculum is specifically designed to encourage development and learning at every stage.

Do you follow regular holiday schedules?

Our preschool will be closed for all major holidays.
We are mindful of different schedules and holidays.

Do you provide meals and snacks?

Health & Nutrition

We value health and nutrition and want to place that decision in the parent's hands of what their children are fed.

Do you accommodate for neurotypical children and various abilities?

Neurodiversity and All Abilities Matter

Our staff is trained to serve various abilities. We strive to provide an inclusive experience.

Do you accommodate for special diets and allergies?

Our staff is trained to accommodate food allergies and special diets.
We understand that many families have various food allergies and dietary restrictions they need to follow. Our staff is trained to maintain those standards at our facilities.

What is the cost to pre-register?

Pre-register to save your spot

Our preschool is designed to serve a limited amount of students to keep our standards high. Our spots are limited, so pre-registration is recommended. A registration fee of $250 is required to secure your student's spot, and this fee will be applied toward toward tuition once your student begins attending.

Space is limited, so register for updates for our planned Summer 2024 opening!

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